Horin the Bright



STR 10 (0) / 16 (3)
DEX 12 (1)
CON 12 (
INT 12 (1)
WIS 19 (
4) / 25 (7)
CHA 16 (

XP: 21,000
ECL: Cleric 6/Radiant Servant 1 – must worship Apollo, the sun god
HP: 43 7 Temp HP/day
BAB: 5.25 +7/2
Melee: 5 +10/5
Ranged: 6 +8/3
Fort: +8.5 +8
Ref: +3.33 +3
Wil: +11.5 +14
AC: 21 Added -4 to be hit in melee
Init: +1
Align: Neutral Good (some flexibility here)

SKILLS Total Stat StatB Points Synergy Misc
Concentration 9 CON +1 8
Diplomacy CHA +3
Heal 12 WIS +7 5
Knowledge, Arcana INT +1
Knowledge, History INT +1
Knowledge, Religion 10 INT +1 9
Knowledge, The Planes 11 INT +1 10
Spellcraft INT +1
8 points unspent, 40 total

Extend Spell (free from planning domain)
Persist Spell
Divine Metamagic – Persist Spell
2x Extra Turning (+8 to each turning pool)

Languages: Common, 1 other

Domains – Sun, Planning
Destroy Undead (alternate class feature, 3+CHA times/day)
Aura of Good
Radiance (1 CL on light spells, plus double radius)
Extra Greater Turning (Greater turning from Sun Domain is now separate pool 3
CHA times/day)

Total Turning Pool: 28/day

Proficiency – all armor except tower shields, all simple & martial weapons

Medium Size
30 foot speed (reduced to 20ft due to armor)
Normal Vision

Can pick any good one-handed melee weapon (simple or martial) – redundant, Ice Axe/Darkfire
Plate Mail Armor (8 AC, +1 MaxDex, -6 ArmChk, 20 ft speed) – redundant, luminous armor
Heavy Steel Shield (
2 AC, -2 ArmChk)
Periapt of Wisdom +6
Belt of Strength +6

Ice Axe (from spell, 2D12+3 Cold damage, melee touch 10/5, no STR bonus to damage)
Self and all allies within 30ft have fast healing 1
Armor is a summoned glowing metal, sheds light as CL 8 daylight, 120/240 ft radius
Armor also gives additional -4 to be hit in melee (blinds enemies, effectively 25 AC)
Allies present at cast time gain 2 luck on AC, to-hit, and Saves (3 if worship Apollo)
Have 7 temp HP each day, BAB as fighter, and STR bonus (factored above)

Orisons (6)
First Level (5+1)
> Endure Elements (Sun) / Deathwatch (Planning)
Second Level (4+1)
> Heat Metal (Sun) / Augury (Planning)
- Restoration, Lesser
- Restoration, Lesser
Third Level (3+1)
> Searing Light (Sun) / Clairaudience/Clairvoyance (Planning)
- Ice Axe / Vigor, Mass Lesser (Persist 7)
Fourth level (2+1)
> Fire Shield (Sun) / Status (Planning)
- Divine Power (Persist 7)
- Recitation / Luminous Armor, Greater (Persist 7)

On even days, cast w/extend & persist Recitation & Ice Axe. On odd days, cast w/extend & persist Mass Lesser Vigor & Luminous Armor. When luminous armor expires, use one or both Restorations to fix the STR damage (could get away with voluntarily ending it an hour early, casting restoration, then praying for spells for the day, so that you might not need two restorations). Lastly, cast w/persist Divine Power (which refreshes Temp HP for the day)

Casting and persisting/extending all of these leaves you with one greater turn left for the day
When luminous armor wears off, it inflicts 1d2 Strength damage (sacrifice) Lesser Restoration fixes 1d4 ability damage, and is prepared twice just in case

Your next level goes into Sacred Exorcist, following level into Cleric, then a level of Death Delver, then back to Cleric
Most feats will be spent on extra turning, but you’ll want power attack at some point, due to your hugely buffed BAB and Strength. This becomes especially attractive once you have an animated shield to free up both hands for a heavy two-handed weapon

Luminous Armor only gives 8 AC bonus, same as full plate and gives additional penalty to being attacked in melee due to the brightness (-4 to hit), making you a wonderful melee tank. Once you have more spell slots, this can stack with Magic Vestment for even more AC goodness.

Mass Lesser Vigor gives fast healing 1 to yourself and anyone within 30 feet, which restores 1 HP per turn in combat and completely removes the need to heal between fights.

Recitation gives all of your allies +2 to attacks, AC, and Saving Throws, but they have to be there when you first cast the buff at the beginning of the day (no bonus to yourself)

Divine Power gives you 7 temporary HP, increases your strength by 6 and makes your Base Attack 7/2. In effect, your melee attacks become 10/5 plus any bonuses from the weapon, and you hit harder.

This build is just starting to come into its own, and with another 3 levels will truly become a powerhouse.


Horin the Bright

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