Elven land of Leafsong


The Gleaming Forest of Leafsong is the common translation for what the elves call their country. The forest is not completely within the elven domain, and parts of the elven domain also expand into the northern grassland.

The capital of it is called Goldenleaf, and has about 20000 residents, mostly elves. Elven is the official language. There is a Council of Elders, 8 of whom are elected by the residents, and 3 of whom are appointed: one by the Forest Keepers Society, one who is appointed by the Remeberance, and one who is appointed by the Magic Council.

The Forest Keepers Society is the military arm of the elves. They assist the gatherers and hunters when not actively prepping for a battle. Everyone who wishes to join the Forest Keepers Society is welcome to, regardless of type of training. The Elves gives their ranks by the number of leaf badges they have, and who they were granted by, which must be someone either two leaves in rank higher, or by the Council of Elders themselves.
The appointed Elder of the Forest Keepers Society is not necessarily the highest ranking member, but appointed by vote of those who are eight leaves or higher rank. Currently, the voice is Talantia, a young female elven sorcerer who attained 6 leaves. The Forest Keepers Society re-elects its voice every 4 years.

The Rememberance is a group of elves dedicated to preserving old traditions and knowledge. The Archives are always available to any resident of Leafsong, although not outsiders. The archives keepers are the best known scribes alive, and they will copy anything, for a price, and a copy, and they will perform research as well, also for a fee. As they retain vast knowledge, the appointed person of the rememberances words are carefully considered in every case. The current appointed person of the rememberance is known as Redwing. Redwing is human, but is over 600 years old. The wings on her back can be grown and retracted at will, although lately she has kept them hidden. She is known as a powerful wizard, in addition to knowing a great deal about elven tradition, adhering to it more closely than even many elves. The Rememberance only changes members with the current voice’s death, and Redwing has been the voice for the past 250 years.

The Magic Council is

Elven land of Leafsong

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